If your son/daughter is absent from school please call the College Reception: 9579 6188.
The following procedures apply in relation to student absence, late arrivals and leave from school. 


If your son/daughter is sick or unable to attend school for a medical appointment, you are required to phone the College before 9am to report their absence.  This is to be done each day they will be away, unless you can advise the school of a date of return so this can be recorded as a scheduled absence of illness.


If your son/daughter is going to be late to school or is required to leave the College early, please supply a note with the time and reason for their late arrival / early departure.


If your son/daughter is going to be absent from school for any unforeseen matter / incident (eg. death in the family) please phone the College and advise us of the circumstances and length of their absence. Year Coordinators/Counsellors are available to help our students through any difficult times they may experience.

STUDENT LEAVE             

Any leave taken for a holiday / family business / sport etc for 10 or more days, by government regulations, an 'Application For Exemption From Attendance At School Form' must be completed and signed by the College Principal prior to the student taking their leave.  Exemption from School Forms are available from the College Office or download a copy by clicking on the link below:

Application For Exemption From Attendance At School  

Please complete this form and return to the College Office as early as possible prior to departure.

Any other queries regarding your child's attendance, please contact the College Office on Ph: 9579 6188.