The physical transformation of the College since 2014 has been significant. After years of consultations, discussions and planning and construction the major projects are now complete. As with any major project of this size considerable thought has gone into the design, functionality and ongoing development of the site, all aimed at achieving one overarching goal – what best supports and improves student learning. It is this focus that has led to the creation of wonderful and welcoming learning spaces that the students are now embracing and celebrating every day. 

The College vision for learning ‘Aspire to be Inspired’ has been a critical factor in the building process. In fact, with the vision for learning in place before the capital works commenced, the way students learn was the key consideration in designing the spaces for their learning. In essence, the design of the spaces is based on the premise that the building is there to create an experience where students and teachers are inspired to love learning.

Master Plan Image

The major Capital Works (2014 - 2021) for the Mortdale Campus are now complete and include:

Stage 1A
The La Valla Learning and Ministry Centre – completed. 

Stage 1B
Administration and Student Services – completed.

Stage 2
Science, General Learning Areas, Staff Common/Study, Creative Arts – completed.

Stage 3
Music, Dance, Drama, Commercial Kitchen, General Learning Areas and Cafeteria - completed.

Stage 4 
TAS and a large multi-purpose gathering space - the Marian Centre - completed.

The final project for completion is the playground at the South Western portion of the site - completed during 2021.


The major Capital Works (2018 - 2019) for the South Hurstville Campus are now complete.

Greenacre Road Playgrounds - These playgrounds are being completed in 2021.

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