Our College holds the Gospel of Jesus Christ at its heart. As a Catholic community, we seek to live out our response to the Gospel with the same faith, hope and love as Mary, the Mother of God. Our Marian approach is to nurture, to teach, to gather, to reconcile and to stand with our students. Our approach to education is embodied in the College motto: Agnoscere et Diligere – To Know And To Love. Our mission calls us to seek the truth, know deeply and love intimately: God, oneself and other people.


The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic schools outlines the mission and purpose of Catholic schools in its introduction...

 “CATHOLIC SCHOOLS have a unique role in the evangelising and educating mission of the Church.” 

The Charter has eleven tenants that Catholic schools are called to enliven. The first of these is to: 

“Give witness to their distinctive educational, spiritual, moral and social purposes within the evangelising mission of the Church, founded on faith in Jesus Christ, and express this in a Mission Statement that identifies their traditions and charisms.”

[1] Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools. 


“The Marist Catholic College Penshurst Ministry Plan is designed to give our College Community the best opportunity to engage and live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Its outcome may not be measured during the students’ College life. It is our aim that the values of faith, love, hope and service will manifest themselves throughout their lives and that their Marist school experience will be one that transforms and animates them to be People of the Gospel.”

Marist Ministry Plan, Conclusion, p 16