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On Friday 23 November the College participated in a formal Tree Planting Ceremony at the South Hurstville Campus of Marist Catholic College Penshurst. Bishop Umbers officiated at the ceremony at 29A Greenacre Rd South Hurstville - the site of the new campus. The ceremony included scriptural readings, prayers of the faithful and music to celebrate the new beginnings of the College at South Hurstville. A tree was blessed and planted to symbolize this new growth for our College community with Year 7 commencing on the site in 2020. This ceremony marked the commencement of significant works for the ongoing construction of the South Hurstville Campus of Marist Catholic College Penshurst. 

Our Vision for Learning calls our community to celebrate and work hard together. This occasion brought together members of our community including; Bishop Umbers, Parish Priests, Sydney Catholic Schools representatives, State and Federal members of parliament, Primary Principals, students, P&F and staff. Members of the community enjoyed each other’s company with morning tea served afterwards. The College is grateful for all who attended to mark this moment in the development of our College. The College particularly acknowledges the Archdiocese of Sydney and Sydney Catholic schools for their ongoing support in bringing to fruition the Master Plan – the realisation of one school, one family and one vibrant Catholic learning community.

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