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On Tuesday 19 September the College celebrated the final assembly for the graduating class of 2017 at the Marana Auditorium in Hurstville. College Captain Nikolas Pazanin and College Vice Captain Cooper Cheney gave their final address to the assembly on behalf of Year 12. Following their addresses a moving prayer and leadership changeover ceremony was held as the new College Leaders made a pledge of service. Congratulations to all the newly elected College Leaders on their positions of responsibility - The 2018 College Captain is Zachary Pitkethley and College Vice Captain Nicholas Condylios. The Mary Beretov Award was presented to students in Years 9-12 and Mrs Guy for demonstrating an enthusiasm for life and love of community. The class of 2017 then took over the assembly and entertained with music and video presentations to the delight of those present. It was fitting that the Sub Tuum was led by Year 12 as they turned to face the College. The assembly was a tremendous occasion and tribute to these young men.

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