SCC Junior Girls Relay Team

On Friday 26th August, our College competed in the SCC Athletics Championships at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush. MCCP came 1st in the Junior Division (U/12-U/13) - an outstanding effort - and we also won the Most Improved Shield. There were eleven schools in this competition and we were placed 4th overall on aggregate points even though we only competed in three age groups while all the other schools had competitors in six age groups.

SCC Athletics Squad

This was an amazing performance by our girls and the College is so proud of each one of them. There were many highlights on the day:

  • Zoe Pitkethley - 1st place in U/13 100m Championship, 200m Championship, Long Jump; 2nd in High Jump; 3rd in 400m, Discus, Javelin and Senior Triple Jump; and 1st in the 4 x 100m Relay. She was also named Under 13 Age Champion. An outstanding individual performance!
  • Alicia Langley – 1st place in U/14 400m and 800m; 3rd in 1500m, Long Jump and 4 x 100m Relay.
  • Leila Sczcepanik – 1st place in U/12 Long Jump; 2nd in 100m and 200m Championship; 1st in the 4 x 100m Relay.
  • Kelsie Head – 1st place in U/12 Shot Put; 2nd in Discus.
  • Kristen De Stefano – 1st place in U/12 800m; 2nd in 100m Division.
  • Tara Curry – 1st place in U/12 100m and 200m Division; 1st in 4 x 100m Relay.
  • Mia Szczepanik – 1st place in U/12 100m Division; 3rd in 400m; and 1st in 4 x 100m Relay.
  • Olivia Moore – 2nd place in U/12 High Jump.
  • Selena Rowen – 1st place in U/13 100m Division; 2nd in Javelin.
  • Olivia Lawecki – 3rd place in U/13 100m Division.
  • Charlie Riley -  3rd place in U/13 100m Division.
  • Lyric Parcarey – 2nd place in U/14 200m Division.
  • Melissa Novevski - 2nd place in U/14 100m Division.
  • Laura Sullivan - 2nd place in U/14 100m Division.
  • MCCP - 1st place in Junior 4 x100 Relay and broke the record – Zoe Pitkethley, Leila Szczepanik, Mia Szczepanik and Tara Curry.
  • MCCP – 3rd place in Intermediate 4 x 100 Relay – Lyric Parcarey, Alicia Langley, Melissa Novevski and Laura Sullivan.

As a result of their performances, the following girls were selected to represent the SCC in the NSWCCC Athletics Championships:

  • Zoe Pitkethley, Alicia Langley, Leila Szczepanik, Mia Szczepanik, Tara Curry, Kelsie Head and Kristen De Stefano

Thanks to all our athletes for their efforts on the day. Each of the girls was a credit to themselves, their families and our College.

Thanks to Mr Terry Urquhart who assisted on the day by driving the bus and being an official.

Mr Paul Burg
Director of Sport