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On Wednesday 9 December 2020 the Marian Hall held its first College Assembly. As Principal Mr Martin noted, this day marked the realisation of a long held dream for the MCCP community - to have a hall where the College could gather as one, pray and celebrate student achievements. He challenged the students to make the most of the wonderful facilities on offer that allow them to excel, particularly in the performing arts. This assembly recognised Aspiration Award winners, First Place in subject and other special awards including; Cultural, Sprituality and Marist Penshurst Awards. Students in Years 7-10 participated in a celebration of student achievement and were entertained by excellent musical performances. There was special acknowledgement of the significant contribution to the College by Mrs Joy O'Sullivan (College Bursar) who has served the MCCP community for over 30 years. Congratulations to all Award recipients and thank you to all who made this assembly a wonderful way to conclude 2020. 

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