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On Friday 26 February the College celebrated the Eucharist to commence the 2021 school year in the Marian Centre Hall. Due to current restictions the College held two Masses. Fr Brian Steele (Assistant Parish Priest) from St Declan's Parish at Penshurst presided over the celebrations. He encouraged the students and all members of the College community to bring to life the theme for the year: 'Shine the light of Christ into the world of darkness', sharing our goodness with all the people we encounter. The College is grateful to Fr Brian for his support and for being so generous with his time to celebrate both Masses with us. At the conclusion of each Mass the Student Leaders for 2021 were presented with their badges. The Year 12 student leaders were presented at the conclusion of the second Mass at the Year 7, 8 & 12 Mass. What a wonderful way to commence the year in prayer, reflection and celebration. 

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