Monday 3pm - 4pm, Tuesday 3pm - 4pm, Wednesday 3pm - 4pm

Marist Catholic College Penshurst offers Homework Club for all students at the College. Homework Club is a wonderful endeavour where students have the opportunity to complete homework, assessment work or private study in a quiet supported environment. Staff from a variety of key learning areas generously volunteer their time after school to answer student class work queries, develop a clear pathway to the completion of an assessment task, review drafts etc…

I encourage all students to attend Homework Club on a regular basis allowing the establishment of successful study habits for personal academic success. Students are to sign into Homework Club at the library desk sign on scanner each afternoon and sign out when they leave. Homework Club takes place in the library. A reminder to students that they should pre-organised how they are to get home each afternoon as students are unable to use their mobile phones on College grounds.

Ms Rebecca Nolan
Teacher Librarian / Literacy