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On Wednesday 26 September the Graduating Class of 2018 celebrated their final day at the College in style with a series of memorable events including the Final Assembly, Graduation Mass  and Dinner. (Click on each link to be taken to the event).  
The Final Assembly was held at the Marana Auditorium in Hurstville. Students, parents and staff were entertained by the College dancers and musicians to set the scene for the more formal proceedings of the Student Leadership Changeover. 2018 Captain Zachary Pitkethley gave his final address to the College and Br Tony was the key note speaker - both encouraged the Year 12 students to make the most of the opportunities that lay ahead. These speeches were followed by the installation of the 2019 student leaders. Mr Martin congratulated the Year 12 on their graduation and the new leaders on their selection. Incoming Captain Edward ElJalkh and Vice-Captain Aaron Borg led the new student leaders in a pledge of service to the College. The Assembly concluded with a Year 12 Tribute video that was very witty and humorous. Following their final rendition of the Sub Tuum Year 12 left the hall to warm applause from all those gathered. A fitting farewell form the whole school community.  

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On Wednesday 26 September the College community gathered at St Declan’s to celebrate the Year 12 Graduation Mass. Students, families and staff united in prayerful reflection on the contribution that the graduating class has made during their time at the College. Fr Chris Ryan presided over the Mass. Fr Chris’s homily encouraged the Year 12’s to reflect on the foundations they have been given at school to make a productive contribution to the world. He also reflected on the importance of listening to others and oneself in helping to live a faith filled life. As part of the ceremony the badges for the newly elected College Leaders and a wooden cross for each Year 12 student were blessed. Congratulations to all who prepared the liturgy and the wonderful musicians and choir who provided a wonderful atmosphere of community worship and celebration.

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On Wednesday evening 26 September the class of 2018, their families and staff gathered for the Year 12 Graduation Dinner at the Conca D'Oro in Riverwood. The evening commenced with the students being introduced as homeroom classes to those gathered. Fr Chris Ryan was present and led with Grace before the evening meal. Mrs Connie Frino as master of ceremonies facilitated along with staff the presentation of significant student awards including; First in Course, Long Tan Award, Marist Cultural Award, Marist Spirituality Award, Archbishop of Sydney Award for Student Excellence, Sportsman of the Year, Acknowledgement of College Captains, Marist Aspirational Awards, Marist Penshurst Award and the High Achiever Awards. The evening finished with a final rendition of the Sub Tuum. It was a special occasion for all in attendance. All the best to Year 12 2018 for their upcoming HSC Exams.

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