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On Wednesday evening 20 September the class of 2017, their families and staff gathered for the Year 12 Graduation Dinner at the Conca D'Oro in Riverwood. The evening commenced with the students receiving their graduation certificates as presented by their homeroom teachers. Mr Chris Morris as master of ceremonies facilitated along with staff and Fr Paul Smithers the presentation of significant student awards including; First in Course, Long Tan Award, Marist Cultural Award, Marist Spirituality Award, Archbishop of Sydney Award for Student Excellence, Sportsman of the Year, Acknowledgement of College Captains, Marist Aspirational Awards, Marist Penshurst Award and the High Achiever Awards. On display were two video presentations for the boys and their families to reflect on their time at the College and Jonathan Borg entertained with his HSC music piece. It was a special occasion for all in attendance. All the best to Year 12 2017 for their upcoming HSC Exams.

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