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On Tuesday 12 December the College celebrated the Christmas Liturgy and the Year 7-9 End of Year Awards Assembly at the Marana Hall Hurstville Civic Centre. Year 7 students performed a renactment of the Chritmas story with a focus on the Holy Family and the announcement of the birth of Jesus, whilst the College choir sung well known Christmas carols. Catholic Care were presented with a Christmas hamper that represented the 25 hampers collected by the students in their pastoral care classes. Students in Years 7-9 were recognised for their outstanding academic achievements in all subjects and students received Aspiration Awards for their effort throughout the year. In each year the top three High Achievers were also recognised. Other special awards included Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year and the prestigious Marist Penshurst Award for each year group. Mr Martin, College Principal thanked the students for taking up the challenge to be the best you can be and encouraged them to strive to live out the elements of the vision for learning - 'Aspire to be Inspired'. Those present, including many parents and carers, were entertained by our College musicians and dance teams throughout the assembly. The assembly was a special occasion to celebrate student achievement and witness the wonderful talents of our students. Thank you to all parents/carers and friends of the College who joined us in this uplifting celebration.

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