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The College welcomed back the HSC Class of 2019 with an assembly to recognise the outstanding achievements of the high achievers. Alex Pellegriti was announced as the College Dux for 2019 and spoke to the senior students about how striking the right balance between time for friends and study is critical to HSC success. College Principal Mr Martin emphasised the need for all in the senior classes to avoid unnecessary distractions and work together to build a community of success.  A summary of the successes of the HSC Class of 2019:

- 25% ATARS above 90 
- 95% of subjects above state average
- 100% of results in Extension Courses were E3 & E4
- 57% of all student results were Bands 5 & 6 
- 39% of students achieved a Band 6 or E4 in one or more courses

Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2019 on achieving these outstanding results!

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