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Principal's Message

Thank you to all parents, staff and students who have made my welcome as College Principal so seamless. The enthusiasm and passion for learning has been evident in the initial conversations I have had with our students across Years 7- 11. They are wonderful group of young men and women I look forward to getting to know them all individually.

As Principal I recognise how integral it is that we as a community put forth a strong vision that imbues the Catholic traditions of the College including the centrality of its Marist charism as an imperative. With this as foundation ensure that we develop our professional teaching and learning environment and pastoral care structure that offers young people consistency, responsibility and the opportunity to challenge them to reach their potential and fulfil the plan God has for them.  As a Catholic school leader this vision is at the heart of our mission and faith. Our Catholic identity is the defining characteristic of our schools- it sets the paradigm for engagement and presents us the opportunity as a community, students, staff and parents building strong relationships that evoke the key tenets of the Marist charism - presence, family spirit, simplicity and hard-work. The College motto ‘-'Agnoscere et Diligere- 'To Know and To Love', provides students with a tangible goal to strive for. This simple phrase powerfully sets the tone for the journey that lies ahead.

The Future Ahead

“Remember the past with gratitude, to live the present with enthusiasm and to look forward to the future with confidence. “

John Paul II (2001)

These words of wisdom from former Pope and soon to be Saint John Paul II are worth reflecting on as we commence the year. As a community we are embarking on an exciting time of change and growth as we have embraced the introduction in 2015 of Years 11 and 12 and coeducation in Year 7. The future of this College is assured and much support from parents, staff and students will ensure its success. As opportunities for consultation arise please take time to engage with us as we work together to develop our College.

Mr John Finneran

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